Free toolani app – calling abroad was never easier

Free toolani app

You ask yourself if and why you should use the toolani app? Then you should definitely continue reading in order to get to know the several advantages of the free app.

There are different ways in order to make cheap international calls when using toolani; you can use a landline phone, your mobile phone or the app. The main differences between using the app and the other methods are the number of benefits and the facilitated way of using our services.

What does this mean precisely? – What are the benefits?

  • Dialing the toolani-number is not necessary anymore. This is because the app does recognize international contacts in your phonebook, dials the toolani number automatically and connects you directly. Directly means in this case, that you do not have more effort compared to a “normal” call using your smartphone.
  • After you have downloaded the app there is still no internet connection needed in order to call abroad.
  • You have the choice to decide if you want the app to recognize your international contacts in your phonebook and are able to transfer the directly into the app.
  • Moreover, its very simple to add favorites in order to be able to call them faster
  • You can directly access and topup your credit within the app


All the functions that are offered on the website are also available within the app. When using the app, theses are easier to access and additional functions (as described above) are provided. If you make your calls via the toolani app you do not have more effort compared to making a “normal” call using your smartphone. This is because the app takes over dialing the toolani-number for you.


Download the app and assure yourself of the advantages.

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