Automatic top-up

Automatic top-up

You want to make calls using toolani without having to think about whether your credit is still sufficient or not? If this is the case, just activate the automatic top-up function.

Automatic top-up means that whenever your credit is lower than 3 units (€/$/£), new credit will be added automatically.

Activating this feature is really easy:

  • Go to the toolani website and select “add credit
  • Choose the amount you want to add to your account
  • Select a payment method (automatic top-up can only be activated when paying via credit card or direct debiting)
  • Enter your payment data and activate automatic top-up by clicking on the little box below. If there is a blue tick mark, the function is activated and your credit will be topped up automatically.

Here you can activate the automatic top-up of your account

How much credit will be added automatically?

The amount of credit topped up automatically will be the same as your last top up.

How can this function be deactivated?

You do not want the automatic top-up anymore? You can easily change this in the settings of your account on the tab payment.