toolani is now available in 8 more countries

We are happy to announce that toolani is now available in 8 more countries: Estonia Israel Latvia Lithuania Malaysia New Zealand Puerto Rico South Korea The total number of countries from where toolani offers cheap international calls is now 37. More information about the toolani app  

Cheap international calls

With toolani it is very easy to make cheap international calls to more than 200 countries. Available in 30 countries, toolani offers great call quality at rates starting at only 1  cent per minute. Use the test credit to make a free test call. If you’re happy then, buy toolani prepaid credit and start making international calls. How does toolani work? Instead of calling the international number directly through your phone
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toolani – also ideal for international business calls

toolani for business Besides being the best option for calling your beloved ones, toolani is also great for calling your international business partners. That is why toolani is suitable for business calls: Add up to 10 numbers to one account You can manage expenditures and the payment process via this centralized account Superb call quality due to the usage of normal telephone lines Your own telephone number will be displayed to the
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Automatic top-up

Automatic top-up You want to make calls using toolani without having to think about whether your credit is still sufficient or not? If this is the case, just activate the automatic top-up function. Automatic top-up means that whenever your credit is lower than 3 units (€/$/£), new credit will be added automatically. Activating this feature is really easy: Go to the toolani website and select “add credit“ Choose the amount
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Free toolani app – calling abroad was never easier

Free toolani app You ask yourself if and why you should use the toolani app? Then you should definitely continue reading in order to get to know the several advantages of the free app. There are different ways in order to make cheap international calls when using toolani; you can use a landline phone, your mobile phone or the app. The main differences between using the app and the other
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What is roaming and what does the new rule really mean?

What is roaming? Roaming is the ability of your mobile phone to connect with a network that is different to your home network (network where the contract was made with). toolani explains the new EU-Roaming regulation Where is the difference between roaming and calling abroad? Roaming: Usage of the mobile phone outside of the home country. Calling abroad: Usage of the mobile phone when you are in your home network and you
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How to avoid roaming charges

Tips and tricks to make cheap international calls while abroad Do you travel often abroad? Are you going on vacation? Do you work overseas? Avoid roaming charges and overpriced calls with toovoip, the app to make cheap international calls while you are out of your home country. How does it work? With the toovoip app you can avoid high roaming costs abroad by using a wifi connection for your calls.
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