toolani vs Skype

Comparing toolani and Skype

Everyone knows Skype as the internet calling pioneer. Although you can now also use Apple’s Facetime, WhatsApp and even Facebook to make video calls, Skype is still king.

However, there is something that none of the above can do: offer the best call quality. This is why we have built a list of differences between Skype and toolani, a service to make cheap international calls.

Call quality
toolani’s connections are better and always will be. If you don’t feel like they are, you can always contact the customer support team and they will quickly work on that. The secret? All connections are made through landline numbers.

No internet needed
Sometimes your connection sucks. Sometimes you need to make a call while walking in the middle of the street or you just want to take your regular landline or mobile number to make a call. Forget about opening your computer, connecting to the service or even wait until the other person is online. With toolani you don’t need an internet connection and you can just take your phone, open the toolani app that will connect with your destination.

Credit never expires
Imagine you just loaded 10 Euros, dollars or pounds, you talk for a couple of minutes and still have 9 left on your account. A month goes by without you having the need to call abroad and suddenly… PUFF! Your credit is gone. There they go: 9 bucks down the drain. With toolani your credit never expires, there is no monthly fee and you can use it whenever you want!

The person you call doesn’t need an app
Grandma doesn’t have a smartphone, the internet connection in Nigeria is extremely low and pricey, your cousin doesn’t want another app and in Cuba having access to it is practically unimaginable. What to do? Avoid internet and bidirectional apps! With toolani you can call from any landline or mobile number to any phone around the globe. You can use the app, or not. You never need Internet. The receiver doesn’t need neither of them and they will see your real phone number on their display. Like from a normal phone call. Done deal!

No computer
Forget about needing a computer, a tablet or a Smartphone. With toolani you can still call the regular way and obtain the best results!

Cheaper calling rates
Comparing the rates per minute between Skype Credit and toolani, we found that toolani offers cheaper rates. Here are some examples (prices per minutes and in € cents):

  • cheap calls to the US:
    toolani 1 cent vs. Skype 2,1 cents
  • cheap calls to China:
    toolani 1 cent vs. Skype 1,5 cents
  • cheap calls to Thailand:
    toolani 1 and 1,9 cents vs. Skype 2,1 and 2,9 cents

Skype or toolani? It’s up to you to decide.

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